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We are excited to welcome the Class of 2024 to Princeton! We will be accepting new members this spring in an adjusted, virtual format. Check out our Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date. 

When are auditions?

Auditionees will have from January 25th to February 13th at 5 pm ET to record and submit their audition videos. We will host a live Choreo Q&A on February 6th at 3 pm. (Zoom link here).

Who can audition?

All Princeton students are encouraged to audition! Dance experience is recommended, but not required, and eXp welcomes dancers of all backgrounds and all class years. We also encourage re-auditioning any semester!

How do I audition?

01/ Fill out the registration form

Fill out the form HERE as soon as you decide to audition. You can submit it at any point before the final audition deadline, 2/13 at 5 pm ET.

02/ Learn the choreography

Learn the two short pieces of choreography available HERE. Each piece is shown from the front and from the back, and has a video explaining the movements.

03/ Attend the Choreo Q&A (Optional)

If you have questions about the choreography, attend our Q&A Session on February 6th at 3 pm with our choreographers, Ashley/Edwina and Gigi P. (Zoom link here)


Attendance is not required and does not factor into decisions in any way! This meeting is purely to help you get your questions answered. If you cannot attend and have questions, email Ashley or Edwina at or, or Gigi P. at

04/ Record the choreography

Record yourself performing BOTH pieces of choreography (two videos). Please check the filming guidelines for some tips.

We understand that most people will be dancing with limited space and with limited resources available to them. The choreography was created with this in mind, and we will take your space into account - don't worry about it! If you feel that you absolutely cannot dance or film in the space available, contact us and we will work with you to figure something out.

05/ Record your improv video

Record 30 seconds of improvised dance, using a song of your choice (if you don't know what song to use, we suggest Ribs by Lorde). No prepared choreography, please. This part is just so we can see your individual style, so don't overthink it! ​If you need inspiration, consider changing up dynamics (fast vs slow, hard vs soft) and levels (high vs low body placement).

06/ Submit your audition by 2/13, 5 pm ET

Submit both choreography videos and your improv video via our submission form HERE. We encourage you to use whatever format is easiest, such as sending a YouTube link or uploading it directly through the form. If you are having technical difficulties or have other questions, email us.

eXpressions will release decisions a few days after the deadline! 

Filming Guidelines

In order for us to see your dancing clearly, please follow the tips below. Again, we know you're working with limited resources, so just do your best!  

  • If you are on campus, you must follow all university safety policies. Wearing a mask in your videos is fine!

  • You can film anywhere available that has space (a dorm room, an empty hallway, a lobby, outside, etc.). Email an eXp officer if you need help finding an adequate space.

  • Feel free to ask a friend to record you (as long as you are socially distanced).

  • Try to show your full body in the shot

  • Please have clear video quality (well-lit and not blurry/pixelated/shaky). We suggest using a phone or computer to record.

  • Dance with socks or bare feet, not shoes.

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