What does it mean to be in a "student-run" dance company?

"Student-run" means that everything we do is initiated and carried out by student company members. The company is only composed of undergraduate (and occasionally some graduate) students. We choreograph our own dances, teach our own company warm-ups, run our own publicity, manage and finances, and even design this very website in order to make eXpressions (our image, our shows, our members) the very best it can be! Because the company is sudent-run, our officers, elected each semester, work tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly, but also have to freedom and independence to explore a wide variety of projects that would not otherwise be possible.

How many times does the company perform each year?

The company puts on two major shows a year: one in the fall (usually November), and one in the spring (usually April). We also take part in various performances, alongside Princeton's other dance and performing groups, like This Side of Princeton (TSOP), Tiger Night, This is Princeton, Fashion Speaks, Communiversity, Earth Day, etc. The opportunities to perform with eXpressions are infinite!

Can I be in eXpressions and still be involved with the Dance Department or other dance groups?

Definitely! A lot of eXp members successfully pursue Dance Department certicificates (minors), take co-curricular ballet class, and/or participate in pieces by guest-choreophers. Our company has a great relationship with the department! Faculty members often come to support our dancers at eXpressions shows. For more information about being involved in the dance department while dancing in eXpressions contact: Noa Wollstein (noaw@princeton.edu) Of course you can also be involved in other dance companies on campus! eXpressions has a really great relationship with other dance companies and many of our members are also in other dance companies, especially Princeton University Ballet (PUB) and Triple 8.

Why should I choose eXpressions?

eXpressions is lucky to be part of a vibrant dance community which includes several other incredible groups. What distinguishes eXpressions from the other companies is its small size and long history of success. Because eXpressions is smaller than any other on campus, each dancer has the opportunity to be heavily involved. Dancers have more of an opportunity to be in smaller pieces and have a more featured role in each of our shows. Unlike in larger companies, every dancer in eXpressions can also generally choreograph a piece in every show, if they so desire. Founded in 1979, eXpressions is also older than any other dance company on campus. As such, it is an incredibly well-established and well-respected group on campus, with a rich history of success. This comes with a vast network of alumni and a strong relationship with Princeton's administration and dance program. And of course, what really makes being a member of eXpressions so great, is that you get to be part of an tight-knit family that dances together, parties together, and most-of-all supports one another. As a result, eXpressions warm-ups and rehearsals are always ton of fun as members laugh and joke together. eXpressions gives you friendships and memories that last a lifetime!

I'm not a dancer, but I'd still love to be part of eXpressions. Is this possible?

The eXpressions family includes more than just our dancers! Each year we work with artists, photographers, filmmakers, lighting designers, and stage managers. If you are at all interested on working with us on your own creative projects, helping us with publicity, or working backstage please please let us know!!! We are always looking for new people to work with us throughout the year! Email our president Heather Samberg (hsamberg@princeton.edu) if you're looking to get involved in any way! Of course our eXp family also includes our incredibly dedicated fans. Our audiences are some of the craziest on campus (especially at our Saturday late-night show). We love every minute of the heckling and singing along as we perform. The enthusiasm of our audience makes performing even better. Come to our shows and join the extended eXp fam!

How much of a time committment is eXpressions?

eXpressions can take up as much or as little of your time as you want, as you get to choose how many pieces you want to be in each semester. Each piece has about 10 hours of rehearsal and then an intensive "Hell Week" the week before the show (don't worry, it's honestly the best week of the year). Many of our dancers choose to be very invloved in eXpressions, dancing in 4 or 5 pieces every semester, while others are involved in other activities on campus (a cappella, varsity sports, etc.) and therefore choose to dance in only 1 or 2 pieces, or not to dance at all that semester. Once you join eXpressions, you're a member for life. This means that you are still part of the company even if you choose not to dance for a semester or two. Dancers who take multiple semesters off dancing still come to social events and have a say in company decisions! So you can definitely find a way to dance in eXpressions, pursue other dance opportunities at Princeton, invest time in schoolwork, and of course make precious free time for yourself!!